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Astier Demarest joins GRASSE EXPERTISE

Contributing to the improvement and influence of the Grasse region know-how

At the initiative of the Entrepreneurs Club of the Pays de Grasse, with support from the Grasse Agglomeration Community, the new collective brand was created last June with the goal of growing the influence of a unique expertise ecosystem.
In this historic territory of fragrant plant production, which runs from the East Var to Carros, GRASSE EXPERTISE® brings together professionals from the aromatics network who are dedicated to create and maintain employment in the heart of the Grasse Region, but also to enhance and restructure the agricultural heritage of fragrant plants.
Each member is distinguished by mastery of one or several areas of the skills, vital to this network emblematic of Grasse, from growing fragrant plants to manufacturing aromatic products and creating perfumes and flavours, sourcing, logistical support, equipment, packaging, as well as training and research.
Among the companies which Astier Demarest has joined, ASFO, BLH, Bougie et Senteur, Catherine Levray Design, Le Clos de Callian, Le Domaine de Manon, Firmenich, les Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse, Fragonard, Fragrance Ressources, Passion Nez, Robertet, Tech Isi, represent the rich diversity of knowledge, skills, and abilities in the Grasse basin.

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