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-Since 1880-
The creation of ASTIER DEMAREST, established in Grasse in 1880, is firstly linked to the history of the perfume industry.

Specialised in the sourcing of natural and synthetic aromatic source materials, we import them from their countries of origin, for the sectors of perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy, and food flavouring.

We have in 2015 widened our activity with the creation of a Fruit Department, dedicated to processed fruit trade: juices, purees and natural flavourings. Our Paris office is managing customer service.

vue de grasse papier marianne le monze
- Preserve biodiversity and the environment -
Our network of suppliers covers the continents and relies upon historic partnerships. We work transparently with the companies we represent to assure traceability throughout the supply chain, to master product quality, and to maintain price competitiveness.

We privilege responsible modes of production and fair-trade projects. We are conscious that our practices must preserve the biodiversity and the environment as well as respect human beings.

To integrate this commitment with our practices we have initiated a program of social responsibility in the heart of our business.

- A long time experience -
Our longtime experience has enabled us to acquire a profound knowledge of source materials and markets.

Our role as a partner makes our company an essential link in the chain : a relay between our customers and the suppliers, we contribute to the establishment of qualities ; we assure on-site controls during production and the eventual adjustment of manufacturing procedures to achieve the best standardisation of the products.

- Internal & external laboratory -
Each natural source material that we purchase is checked at reception and compared to the supplier’s evaluation sample.

We have an internal laboratory with gaz chromatography equipment, measuring devices (densimeter, refractometer, polarimeter) and dosing device (peroxydes) as well as a pilot for distillation trials and extraction of absolute from concrete.

Other analyses (pesticides, heavy metals) are done by an external analytical laboratory.

- New raw materials -
Attentive to the market and its trends, we are there to help with your creations. Research into new source materials and specilaties (fractionated distillation, colourless, hypo-allergenic, natural extracts) is another domain of discovery in which we are passionately interested.
- Small and large quantities -
We have a customs-certified storehouse with 300 tonnes of capacity, enabling contract stocking and delivery on demand.

Our logistics service, in collaboration with the major transporters, guarantees rapid delivery of small quantities or large volumes of product.

Certified as an Authorised Economic Operator since January 2012, this status offers our company an easier access to many simplifications provided for in the customs rules, and expedites our international exchanges with suppliers and customers.


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