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- AFRECO Group -

Created in 1978, Afreco is a Franco-Ivorian enterprise which exports agricultural primary materials from West Africa, such as coffee, cocoa, beeswax, cola, desmodium, shea almonds, and cashew nuts. It fulfils 90 % of the annual cola nut requirements of a large, American carbonated beverage group.
It operates in Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana.

Agriland, a subsidiary of Afreco, manages an estate of 800 hectares west of Abidjan, where each year it produces essential oils of lemon (12 tons), bitter orange (15 tons), bergamot (10 tons), melegueta pepper and fresh ginger. It also produces lemon juice concentrate.

It is certified organic by Ecocert for its production of fresh ginger essential oil. Potential organic production is seen for distillation of melegueta pepper, turmeric, and neroli.
ASTIER DEMAREST distributes these essential oils in Europe.