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Founded in 1991 in Mumbaï, Anthea Aromatics Pvt. Ltd is a family company.
It produces primarily for the Fragrance and Flavour industry, with four manufacturing facilities located close to major container terminals.
The company has a strong presence in the international market, with exports to North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The group development
During past years, Anthea Aromatics has developed its range of products.
In April 2007, a 50:50 joint venture has been established with DRT France to manufacture a range of terpene derivatives in India.
Since purchasing in March 2008 Crown Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., a reputed manufacturer of speciality chemicals, a range of speciality aldehydes is offered to the Fragrance and Flavour industry.

Reaction and Distillation Capabilities and Volumes
Reactor Volume : over 400 MT
Distillation Unit Volume : over 100 MT

Business Model
The corporate philosophy is based on Innovation.
Process development is considered as a key focus area, and is also this company’s strength, with the aim to bring about significant cost and yield improvements even in established processes.

This model is based on:
– A well-equipped research laboratory which has been granted recognition by the Government of India.
– A highly competent and dedicated R&D team.
– a seamless integration between the lab, pilot plant and production facilities, resulting in shorter production cycles and faster transitions to commercial scales.

Social Responsibility
Anthea is extremely conscious of its obligations to all its stakeholders and strive to :
– provide employment opportunities in every region where it operates, and create for employees a favorable environment.
– offer customers superior product and service, and also partner them in their growth aspirations.
– manage all operations in as an efficient, professional and transparent manner as possible,
– protect the environment through conservation, proper treatment of effluent, process modification and development of products and processes which are environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Anthea is committed to a concept of ‘Green Manufacturing’ and continuously strives to minimize any adverse impact on the environment.

– Intermediates
Mesityl Oxide
Methyl Pentenone

– Speciality Chemicals
Aldehyde C-12 Lauric
Aldehyde C-16
Piperonal (heliotropin)

Regulatory Compliances and Certifications :
REACH Compliance
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001 and OHSAS
DST Recognition