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Created in 2007 in the Bahia state by 28 small farmers, Coopealnor gathers 86 members who are established in the West/Northern part of the state today.

The company trades fairtrade orange and passion fruit juices, packs fresh fruits for local market and delivers organic products too.

Juices are manufactured by Tropfruit, in the neighbor state of Sergipe (about 70km from Rio Real) where are located most of the plantations.

By trading mostly fairtrade products, Coopealnor is aiming at developing organic production and ecological practices into conventional harvests, improving ratios and reducing heavy manual tasks for local farmers. The company is also committed to professional training and supports two training centers for agricultural technicians.

Coopealnor has been FLO-CERT certified since 2007 while Tropfruit owns SGF, ISO 22000, Kasher and Halal certifications.

Astier Demarest distributes their essential oils on the European market.