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Established on three production sites in Landes, DRT (Resin and Terpenic Derivatives) in 1932 began development and marketing pine resin, focusing on the rosin and terpentine essence which are extracted from it.

Today, it is a family-owned business which brings together 1,300 collaborators and the R&D activity of 45 scientists, producing annual revenues of over 300 million euros, of which 80 % come from international sources.

Having become one of the world leaders in the chemistry of the pine tree, the company, beginning in 2006, developed several industrial platforms in China and India.

The line covers three types of products, resins, terpenes, and neutraceutics, for very diversified applications.
With regard to terpenic derivatives, for which ASTIER DEMAREST provides representation in France, such products find application in the perfume industry, paints and varnishes, industrial cleaners and detergents, flotation processes, etc.