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Haiti is the world’s leading producer of Vetiver essential oil, for the perfume industry and for aromatherapy.

With 38 alembics and 5 boilers, Frager furnishes an average of 35 tonnes of essential oil per year, or around 60 % of all Haitian production.
A part of the production of Vetiver essential oil, around 8 tons, is organic and fair trade approved by Ecocert.

Founded in 1958 by Franck Léger, this company is located in the Cayes plain, a district in the south of Haiti, and has operated under the leadership of his son, Pierre Léger, an agronomical engineer, since 1984. He is responsible, most notably, for the modernization of the structures and modes of production.

His extensive expertise guarantees respect for a high standard of product quality beginning with the moment of planting.

To produce vetiver root, Frager works with 16,000 local grower families who provide the facility with primary materials.

Pierre Léger is committed to the development of the southern community, notably in the training of young people and the award of student scholarships. These actions are now completed by the fair trade development funds.
A project for a centre for training and technological research is also in development, on the site of the fundation Camp-Gérard, created by Pierre Léger.

We have worked in close collaboration with Agri Supply for many years.