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Founded in 1999 in Tongorrape in the north of Peru. Frutosa is a private venture, supported by several associates, as the Association of Small Local Mango and Passion fruit growers (APPT) which dedicates its yield to the venture, or The Pronatur growers collective , which provides organic fruit, and represents 30 percent of invested capital.
Pronatur – Promoter of Natural Agriculture, is a cooperative created in 1998 in the Peruvian Andes, dedicated to organic and responsible agriculture.

Since its creation Pronatur has expanded into several Peruvian regions and today includes 1,670 growers of banana, mango, and coffee, organized within 42 local associations.
Frutosa and Pronatur organize and participate in the financing of projects designed to ameliorate the community quality of life. The two actors are also involved in the preservation of rural life.

Frutosa is a small organization whose well-focused industrial capacities are oriented to the manufacture of quality products for the fruit and juice market.

The plant takes up 8,500 square meters, of which 1,800 is under roof, and it includes all equipment for treatment of pulp.

The entire range of products comes from fresh, ripe fruit, is 100 per cent natural and is manufactured with neither additives nor preservatives : Mango ( puree, juice concentrate, IQF), Passion Fruit (Pure frozen juice, pasteurized or non-pasteurized; frozen juice concentrate, frozen seeds), Physalis (Whole physalis with or without leaves; organic simple puree; dried physalis)

The commercial relationships developed with Frutosa from its origin are conducted in a spirit of partnership designed to protect the grower in a fluctuating market. This common ethical commitment was formalized in 2015 by obtaining ESR qualification (Fair, Supportive, Responsible) for the organic Pure Passion Fruit Juice, approved by Ecocert Environment.

IMO certified Fair for Life – SGF (Sure, Global, Fair), Kosher